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Record Store Day US 2020

April 18, 2020 is quickly approaching!

What's all the fuss, you ask. Record Store Day is the biggest day of the year for indie record stores not just in the US but in the UK as well. Every year, in April, record labels release exclusive titles that only brick and mortar record stores can purchase and sell to our customers. these titles are first available in-store only, creating a indescribable buzz in the vinyl community. The idea started behind a group with a desire to keep the indie record store alive in this fast paced digital age.

Curious Collections is a Record Store Day Authorized dealer and has participated in RSD for the last 2 years. Last year, we had 4 people sleep on the sidewalk and there were over 40 people in line when we opened our doors, that day.

What is on the list? Click here to see the full list. *It is important to note that Curious Collections will NOT have all of these titles in store on Record Store Day. Here is where we need your help. PLEASE email us your wish list of "must haves" and wants. We have a dedicated email this year. Please use to send us your wish list. Also, please note that RSD has very strict policies that their authorized record stores must follow. No pre-sales or holds will happen on April 18. All RSD titles are first come, first serve. So we encourage you to get here early and even camping out is just fine, we hope the weather is nice to do so and as you know, we have a large awning over the front of our store,for those of you thinking about coming the night before so that you will be the first in line on April 18.

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