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GPO C90 Cassette Single Audio Tape Blank

GPO C90 Cassette Single Audio Tape Blank

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GPO C90 Cassette Single Audio Tape Blank

DURABLE CASSETTE: Made of high quality and durable plastic, the audio cassette tape is perfect for everyday use and excellent for all-purpose recordings.

APPLICATIONS: This blank cassette tape is suitable for voice recording, the content of study and work, the music you like, or any other media you want to store.

DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE: The cassette recorder is double-sided A and B and is suitable for a total recording time of 90 minutes, which is ideal for any sort of recording.

FEATURES: Optimally designed for voice recording, the cassette comes with a cover to provide protection to your cassette and preserve your valuable recordings from getting destroyed.

IDEAL GIFT: Have someone who loves to record content and listen to it over and over again? This blank cassette tape can serve as a perfect gift for your kids, family, or friends.


  • Retro look and feel, Modern technology
  • Lightweight, Durable and Pocket-sized
  • Included retro protective case
  • Compatible with GPO cassette recorders such as GPO WO162B or GPO CRS132B
  • Simple to use
  • Weight 0.57kg

About GPO:

A fresh and innovative addition to the retail market, ProTelX (creators of the original GPO brand) was established in September 2009 with the aim of designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality consumer retro products.

GPO are specialists in bespoke manufacturing to meet specific needs for classic, yet contemporary retro-inspired consumer goods.

These products are chosen to add colour to your life; you want one because it's nostalgic and cool. You keep it because it's fun and enjoyable.

At GPO we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet your specific needs for classic yet contemporary retro-inspired goods. Our attention to detail means that each product has its own personality. We love bringing the past bang up to date to give you the best of both worlds. In addition to creating state-of-the-art audio technology, we pride ourselves on ensuring the best customer experience.