Glow Tronics Slipmat * Circles – Cork

Glow Tronics Slipmat * Circles – Cork

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Glow Tronics * Circles – Cork

1 Packaged Single Professional Grade Cork Slipmat

Glowtronics New 12″ Cork Slipmats are made from only the highest quality cork material. Our cork slipmats were created to offer a visual elegance with the use of sublimation printing along with stunning sound improving qualities.

Advantages of using a cork slipmat on your turntable
+Improve Sound Quality
+Diminishes Static Electricity
+Absorb Vibrations
+Better Grip to Vinyl Records

We use a sublimation printing technique to print our slipmats.
This method of slipmat printing has been crowned king for it’s ability to the cork without leaving a residue or any sort of top surface feel. Our inks will keep colors vibrate and from fading once printed.
The artwork will last the life of the slipmat.