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Glow Tronics Slipmat * Spiral

Glow Tronics Slipmat * Spiral

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Glow Tronics Slipmat * Spiral – UV Blacklight

1 Packaged Pair of Professional Grade Slipmats

Glowtronics Classic Non-glow slipmats are made from only the highest quality 16oz felt material.
We use a sublimation printing technique to print our slipmats.
This method of slipmat printing has been crowned king for it’s ability to dye the fibers of the felt without leaving a residue or any sort of top surface feel. Our inks will keep colors vibrate and from fading once printed.

The artwork will last the life of the slipmat.
All our slipmats come with our specialized Glazed bottom surface,
which has become the industries professional standard in slipmats.
So…. you can throw your wax paper and plastics in the trash;
our Glazed surface is putting “SLIP” back into SLIPMAT.