Led Zeppelin * Dread Zeppelin [Vinyl Record]

Led Zeppelin * Dread Zeppelin [Vinyl Record]

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Dread Zeppelin * The Best of


Media: Mint, Vinyl Record LP Album

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A rollicking, rastafarian retrospective of the most notorious tribute band ithe world has ever known, Dread Zeppelin!

Fronted by the 300-pound Elvis impersonator Turtelvis, Dread Zeppelin warp the compositions of Page, Plant and Co. Into heady reggae jams so ingeniously they'll have you begging for more! Features recently recorded versions of Zep's all-time favorites "Stairway To Heaven," "Whole Lotta Love," "Immigrant Song," "Kashmir" as well as some Dread originals! Don't dismiss this band as a novelty act until you've heard the incredible musicianship that has even won the acclaim of Zep-man Plant himself!