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Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Tron:Legacy Soundtrack While it is performed and written by Daft Punk, the score they made for Tron: Legacy isn’t a typical movie soun...
For The Love Of Pink Floyd: Where To Start

For The Love Of Pink Floyd: Where To Start

So where do you start if you want to begin your Floyd vinyl collection? Well, that’s a complicated question.
This Year, September Brings More Bangin' Records

This Year, September Brings More Bangin' Records

September is just around the corner, we’re approaching Record Store Day Drop #2 and it’s still 100 degrees in Texas. Maybe it’s best to just stay inside, spin some records and try to relax with a few new releases.

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Record Store Day 2020 - Drop #2

Record Store Day 2020 - Drop #2

All in all, I’d say that RSD 2020 Drop #1 went pretty well.  Looking around on the interwebs, it seems like most places did a good amount of business and outside of quite a few online retail websites crashing, the problems seemed few and far between. The good news is that with Drop #1 under our belts, Drop #2 should be easier.

A lot of my big hitters were in Drop #1, so how is Drop #2 looking for release? Let’s check out a few.

Record Store Day Aug 29, 2020: Drop 1 - Must Haves!

Record Store Day Aug 29, 2020: Drop 1 - Must Haves!

Record Store Day Is Finally Here! After two delays due to the Corona-virus pandemic, the first Record Store Day is finally here.  Obviously, this y...
Crosley 8ban Mini 3 in Turntable - Clear Version

Crosley 8ban Mini 3 in Turntable - Clear Version

This August, Crosley is releasing a limited edition riff on the RSD3 mini-turntable, refreshed for 2020. The RSD2020 mini-turntable is made of transparent acrylic, allowing the inner workings of the turntable to be fully visible. An RSD2020 exclusive bundle containing the RSD2020 clear mini-turntable and two 3” colored vinyl Post Malone hit singles will be available at both participating Record Store Day record stores and online at Curious Collections. The indie record store exclusive bundle includes “Goodbyes” and “Saint Tropez” on 3” colored vinyl. 

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The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel, and vinyl.

Dave Berry

In 2016, sales of vinyl records outpaced digital music sales for the first time in history, in the U.K.

There's no question that a vinyl record is a lot nicer than a CD. It's nicer to hold in your hands, you can do more with it.

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