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The Beatles or Beetles.. That is the question

There's no hiding it. I saw the searches. Yes, there have been more than one.. several in fact, weekly...  and now you're sitting there wondering how it's spelled and thinking to yourself.. that doesn't look right... or does it?? 

If you happen to have landed on this page, could you be searching for the wrong thing? Instead of searching for Beetles, the bugs, in a record store, you might want to check the spelling and try searching for "The BeAtles" instead.. Or, you could look around for some beetles in our storage room. I'm jus' sayin'.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there's bound to be some back there. 

Here, ima make it real easy for you, no spelling involved in this solution.. jus click the link below, it will take you to all our listings of the band The Beatles, not the bugs called beetles. 

And if you're friends with Brando and think The Beatles are the most highly overrated band in history, drop a comment below, he'd love to know that there's other crazy mofos out there like himself.

Albums by The [iconic] Beatles the band, not the bugs.