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How We Grade Our Vinyl

This system is how we grade our media (or vinyl) and sleeves (or album covers).

Mint (M) – Absolutely perfect in every way. Has never been played and is sealed.

Near Mint (NM) – The record has been on a shelf between other records and has most likely been played at some point, but the vinyl has no marks. For a sleeve, near mint will normally have some slight shelf wear and ring wear, but no enough that the sleeve would look bad hanging on a wall.

Very Good Plus (VG+) – This vinyl will have some scratches and scuffs, but nothing that would compromise the quality of the sound. The sleeve is in a little worse shape, most likely has ring wear, shelf wear, and maybe a seam split; but still is pleasant to look at

Very Good (VG) – This record has lived. It has pops, clicks, and static; but is still enjoyable to listen to. The sleeve is in pretty rough shape. There might be some writing on it, and parts of it may be torn.

Good (G) – Good means bad. If a sleeve is good it probably looks very sad with the picture torn off or worn. The vinyl could still play, but it would have static and would pop often. The only records we put for sale that are only G are the really valuable ones, and even then they are discounted significantly.

Sleeve Condition Terms

Ring wear: A ring on the sleeve outlining the record

Shelf wear: The edges and picture on the sleeve have faded and been worn a little

Seam Split: The sleeve’s binding has split in half

Generic: The record has no sleeve, so we have created one for it

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