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Vinyl Crafts

We sell a variety of vinyl décor including bowls and clocks, but old records can be used for so many different projects, we wanted to share our favorites with you!

Before a word of caution, most vinyl, especially older vinyl, will leak toxic fumes when heated. Most of these crafts involve heating the vinyl. Therefore make sure the area is well ventilated and no children or pets are in the area.

Wine Rack

This Wine Rack was made by heating the records with a hot gun, then rolling the records into a smooth curve with a wine bottle. A wooden plank was epoxied to the back of the records to get a floating aesthetic.


For simple wall décor you can use a soldering iron to carve designs into vinyl. With practice and patience you could come out with some genius results!


Vinyl Books Ends

This was made by heating up half of a record with a frying pan and cookie sheet. Then bending the vinyl in a perfect ninety-degree angle. The record was placed on the cookie sheet and after the pan was heated it was placed on top of the part of the record that needed to be manipulated. Once the record was hot enough it was bent then cooled.


It is important to be careful when handling hot records and to wear protection such as gloves. You also need to be fast, vinyl cools quickly and once cooled it hardens. It might take a couple of tries before out get the outcome you desire.


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