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Vinyl Cleaning Tools

The Vinyl Cleaning Tools You Need!

By: the_home_for_wayward_records

One of the most important things to learn when you start collecting vinyl is how to keep your records and turntable clean. A dusty record, a dirty needle or any number of other issues can negatively affect your music and even damage your needle. Here’s a good list of the things you need to keep your collection in great shape.

Crosley Anti-Static Brush - This small tool has a massive impact on your records. Vinyl easily builds up a lot of static and that static attracts a LOT of dust and gunk that can cover your records. The bristles on a good Anti-Static brush do a good job of eliminating some of that static and lifts a lot of detritus out of your records grooves. Giving each side of your albums a good 3-4 rotations brushing will eliminate quite a bit of clicks and pops from your albums.


Vinyl Styl Deep Cleaning System - A felt brush and a bottle of cleaning fluid is your next step to having a clean collection and this little set gives you exactly what you need. Apply a light amount of the cleaning fluid to the brush and then slowly brush your vinyl, with the grooves, not against, to break up some of the harder to clean dust and dirt that stocks deep down in your records. Once that gunk is broken up a bit, it will start to come out of the grooves and can be brushed away.

Crosley Stylus Cleaning Kit - Your needle is one of your best investments, so keeping it clean is very important. The dirt and dust in the grooves of your records is easily dug into by your diamond tipped needle and that dirt can cake that needle, downgrading its ability to do its job. Applying a bit of the cleaning fluid and brushing your needle, from back to front, can take a lot of that accumulated gunk right off of your needle. You will be amazed how much better your needle sounds once that gunk is off and your needle is fresh and clean.

The only thing I would add to this is a full vinyl cleaning system, of which there are a few you can look into. These submerge your records into a cleaning solution and then basically squeegee them off, cleaning out even more gunk out of your records. Check out the Vinyl Cleaning Systems and see if one might work for you.

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