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Alice in Chains' Iconic "Jar of Flies" Reimagined on Vinyl!

We are thrilled to announce the vinyl re-release of Alice in Chains groundbreaking third studio EP, "Jar of Flies." Originally unleashed in January 1994 by Columbia Records, this timeless masterpiece has left an indelible mark on the rock music landscape. Now, on March 22, 2024, witness the magic of "Jar of Flies" on vinyl, meticulously remastered for an unparalleled listening experience.

Why "Jar of Flies"? Alice in Chains artistic prowess shines through in this EP, a hauntingly beautiful blend of acoustic and electric elements that showcases their musical versatility. "Jar of Flies" remains a rare gem, and this vinyl re-release is your golden opportunity to own a piece of rock history.

Discover the Band: Alice in Chains, hailing from Seattle, emerged in the '90s grunge era as one of the most influential and distinctive bands. Their unique sound, characterized by powerful vocals, intricate guitar work, and deeply introspective lyrics, secured them a place among the legends of rock. The band's resilience and ability to evolve have cemented their status as enduring icons.

Available 3/22/24 on Vinyl: "Jar of Flies" on vinyl is not just an album; it's a collector's item. This vinyl release is a chance to bring home the magic, so don't miss out. Pre-order your copy now from Curious Collections, your go-to destination for all CD and vinyl records.

👉 Pre-order Now: [Link to Pre-order Page]

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