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New Releases for August 6th

By: the_home_for_wayward_records


Brian May - Back To The Light

Originally released in 1992, Back to the light is the debut solo album from Queen guitarist, Brian May. The original album is newly re-mastered by Bob Ludwig from the original master tapes and personally overseen by Brian May. The LP is pressed on 180g heavyweight black vinyl. A must have for Queen fans.

*Order Back To The Light here*

Drive-By Truckers - PLAN 9 RECORDS JULY 13, 2006

On July 13, 2006 the Drive-By Truckers set up shop at Plan 9 Records in Richmond, VA. It was the 25th Anniversary of the store. The band performed to a packed house and played a blistering set of fan-favorites featuring the songs, "18 Wheels of Love", "Let There Be Rock", "Goddamn Lonely Love" and "Daddy's Cup." The performance was also set up to benefit the Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Family Memorial Endowment. The foundation provides, among other things, music scholarships in the Richmond area. Lead vocalist and songwriter, Patterson Hood ended up writing the song "Two Daughters and A Beautiful Wife" about Bryan Harvey and his family. Following the release of this record on 2020 RSD Black Friday, This 3 LP set will be pressed on color vinyl for the first time.

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Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand & You Could Have It So Much Better

The 2004 debut album from Franz Ferdinand gets a much deserved reissue this week. A great Post-Punk album, this one is already a modern day classic that is worth picking up. Their second LP, You Could Have It So Much Better, is also getting a new repress this week, so why not grab them both!

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Eleventh Dream Day - Since Grazed

Since Grazed is either the 14th or 16th record depending on how you count them (but who's counting?) by Eleventh Dream Day, a Chicago band with Kentucky roots. After 2015’s blistering guitar blast, Works For Tomorrow, Janet Beveridge Bean, Rick Rizzo, and Douglas McCombs return alongside James Elkington and Mark Greenberg. The hour of music on this 2xLP takes the long road home, spacing out at the wheel and reveling in the journey - celebrating those along for the ride.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, George Harrison's All Things Must Pass is being commemorated with a suite of new releases, highlighted by a stunning new mix of the classic album by Grammy Award-winning mixer/engineer Paul Hicks, and overseen by executive producer Dhani Harrison. The 3LP set, on 180-gram heavy vinyl, is housed in a slim box and includes an 8-page insert with photos and notes from Dhani Harrison and Paul Hicks about remixing the album. There is also an 8LP Deluxe Edition available.

*Order All Things Must Pass here*

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