New Releases For September 17th

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Alien Weaponry - Tangaroa

In the past few years, no emerging metal band has shaken up the international metal scene like Alien Weaponry, featuring 21-year-old Henry de Jong (drums), 19-year-old Lewis de Jong (guitars, vocals) and 21-year-old new bassist Turanga Morgan-Edmonds. Since releasing their acclaimed Napalm Records debut Tu (2018), the New Zealanders kinetic presence and unique sound, combining elements of thrash and groove metal with lyrics in the native indigenous language, te reo Maori,  has attracted throngs of fans and media supporters across the globe. Alien Weaponry are poised to dominate with the sheer ruthlessness and untempered passion of their fervid sophomore release, Tangaroa. The album coalesces Alien Weaponry’s growing maturation with an undisturbed songwriting process, resulting in their most complex, inspired, honest and informed material yet.

Buena Vista Social Club - Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club is both the name given to this extraordinary group of musicians and the album, recorded in just seven days in 1996 in Havana’s 1950s vintage EGREM studios. It was clear from the atmosphere of the recording sessions that something very special was taking place. However, no one could have predicted that Buena Vista Social Club would become a worldwide phenomenon, awarded a Grammy in 1997 and, at 8 million copies, outselling any other record in the same genre. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the albums recording, producer Ry Cooder and World Circuits Nick Gold have gone back to the original tapes and into the archive to produce this Deluxe Remaster package, featuring previously unheard tracks from the original 1996 recording sessions, previously unseen photos, and new liner notes.

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Drowning Pool - Sinner

Sinner is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Drowning Pool. Originally released on June 5, 2001 by Wind-Up Records, it is considered to be the band's most popular album - earning RIAA Platinum certification within the first six weeks of its release. This was due at least in part to their hit single "Bodies," which remains the band's most well-known song. Available on vinyl for the first time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release.


Our Lady Peace - Clumsy

Clumsy is the second studio album by the Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace, released on January 23, 1997 by Columbia Records. The album is the band's most successful to date, achieving diamond status in Canada (1 million units sold) and strong sales in other countries, including platinum status in the U.S. for another 1 million sales. Featuring the hits “Superman’s Dead” & “Clumsy”, this is a 90’s metal must have.

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Primus - Suck On This

Suck On This, the debut album from Primus, is getting a much deserved reissue this week. Featuring 9 tracks, many of which would appear on their next two albums, Suck on This launched Primus into the forefront of 90’s rock music and laid the foundation for Frizzle Fry & Sailing The Seas of Cheese.

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