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Pre-Orders! March Madness!

written by Rocky

Happy Pisces and Aries season! That’s right, it’s about to be March already! …It’s March already? Hopefully you’ve had a sharper eye on the calendar than me, but, if not, your faithful monthly pre-order run down is here to help! In premiering February and its huge haul of new and reissued titles, we also gave ya a sneak peek into the first week of March with Macklemore, Frank Zappa, and Lostboycrow. Though last month was super exciting regarding returning familiar faces, the future holds similar! So buckle in!

Week of March 3rd…

De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising [Magenta 2LP]

De La Soul - “3 Feet High and Rising” Magenta Double LP

Starting in the 80s, De La Soul’s sunny take on hip hop has been a huge hit since their premiere. While they were pegged as “hippies” for their lyrics, titles, and tones, the trio remained faithful to what we now know as old school hip hop in-tow with booming kick drums, flowing rhymes, and catching samples. Their debut record, “3 Feet High and Rising” was credited as ultimately unique and “one of the greatest albums of all time.” If you like the groove most rap supplies but you’re not much of a fan of the genre’s stereotyped lyrical themes, this record is for you; it’s remarked as the “the first psychedelic hip-hop” album and is just as summer-y as I’m desperately trying to convey. Returning to vinyl, get yourself a copy of one of the most pivotal albums of all time–and on magenta vinyl–available for pre-order now.


Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach - The Songs Of Bacharach & Costello [Super Deluxe 2LP/4CD]

Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach - “The Songs Of Bacharach & Costello” Double LP + 4 CDs

If you’re used to the action-jammed reputation of Elvis Costello, allow me to slow your roll. While I am more familiar with Costello & the Attractions–primarily new wave ska–his work with Burt Bacharach presents itself as a breath of fresh cool air and highlights the sheer range of both artists. Does “What’s New Pussycat?” sound familiar to you? That’s Burt Bacharach’s writing work, and “Painted From Memory” may ring a bell if you’re familiar with the mad pairing of the duo. If you’re lost so far, don’t worry, I’ve got you: “The Songs of Bacharach & Costello” is a collection of smooth-sailing, rainy night baroque tunes with that of soulful vocals that might be reminiscent of David Bowie. Two surely-memorable artists all in one place, the return is brought back to us in a box set including a double LP and four CDs. Much love and peace to the recently late Bacharach.


Hello Mary - Hello Mary [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Baby Blue LP]

Hello Mary - “Hello Mary” [Indie Exclusive] Baby Blue Vinyl

I chose this album to talk about because the cover caught my eye, but one second into their most recent single, “Special Treat,” is all it took to catch my ear and hone my interest. Shoegaze meets garage rock meets an air of the psychedelic to make one powerful trio: Hello Mary. Crunchy guitars, punchy drums, and polished-not-polished vocals fit this record perfectly between other favourites like Wet Leg and Mourn. Hello Mary and their upcoming self-titled record bring a powerhouse promise to the indie rock name. Pre-order their debut album on baby blue wax on our site.

More to be found this week…

Morgan Wallen, Macklemore, Fake Names, Kali Uchis, Frank Zappa, Daisy Jones & the Six, Four Year Strong, Hollow Coves, Haken, Kate NV, NCT 127, Drayton Farley, Pony Bradshaw, Tove Lo, Full of Hell, The The, ALO, Lostboycrow, Subhumans, Mystic, Kendrick Scott/Reuben Rogers/Walter Smith III, Phoenix, Willie Nelson, Genesis, slowthai, Can’t Swim, Constant Smiles

…and beyond!

Week of March 10th…

Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation [LP]

Miley Cyrus - “Endless Summer Vacation”

Here’s an artist who needs no introduction! Pop queen Miley Cryus is back with a new album just in time for spring and summer, though if you’ve tuned into a contemporary radio station, up-and-coming Spotify playlist, or have taken a little scroll through TikTok, you’ve probably already heard her premiering single, “Flowers.” We hope you all are just as excited as we are to have Cyrus back on the shelves! It’s a party! Snag your own copy before they come and go by pre-purchasing your own record or CD.


The Nude Party - Rides On [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow 2LP]

The Nude Party - “Rides On” [Indie Exclusive] Yellow Double LP

Here’s where my bias starts to show, dear reader: I love The Nude Party and many many bands like them–I was really surprised to see ‘em on our long list of pre-orders! Hailing from North Carolina, this psychedelic americana band sounds straight out of the 1960’s… Or Austin, Texas. If you dig sorta-underground, blues guitar-based psychedelic music like that of The Stacks and Acid Carousel, or even those such as The Association or The Byrds, The Nude Party is a fantastic addition to your repertoire of growing modern psych rock. Pre-order a shiny yellow one for yourself if I’ve got your attention!


Daniel Johnston - Songs of Pain [2LP]

Daniel Johnston - “Songs of Pain” Double LP

A story that can’t be told enough: The tale of Daniel Johnston and how he became, quite possibly, the face of the “outsider music” genre. Deeply personal and emotional, Johnston’s music is the definition of low-fidelity and captures just exactly what we love about the genre today in its sheer organic rawness. There’s an infinite love I could ramble on and on about Daniel Johnston and his genuinely gentle personality, but those unfamiliar may recognize Johnston’s art on the streets of Austin, Texas in the form of the “Hi How Are You” frog. “Songs of Pain” is just that, and is just as fine a beginning into Daniel’s music as any. It’s a real pleasure to finally see his music resurface for equal souls to find, and this record is ready for pre-order, as always.

More to be found this week…

Sleaford Mods, The War and Treaty, The Cold Stares, The Blaze, Otherwise, Van Morrsion, Blackmore’s Night, The Luka State, Ripe, Richard Cheese, CAKE, Suicide Silence, Shalom, Ryan Hamilton, Adam Melchor, Ben Kweller, The Smile, Mariah Carey, Lonnie Holley, Periphery, Nnamdi, Fania All Stars, Twice, Thrice, NewJeans, Jammin’ Sam Miller, JAWNY, Killing Joke, GING, John-Allison Weiss

…and beyond!

Week of March 17th…

Say Hi - Elocution Prattle [LP]

Say Hi - “Elocution Prattle”

An explosion of atmosphere, Say Hi’s latest record will surprise new and long-time fans alike. Refreshingly entirely instrumental, “Elocution Prattle,” will warp you into an entrancing world of your own imagination deeply fit with heavy synthesizers and drum machines. This record is perfect for anyone who wants to take a little time to melt into the carpet of their living room, possibly to a DIY laser lightshow. Pre-purchase it here.


U2 - Songs Of Surrender [4 LP Super Deluxe Collector's Boxset]

U2 - “Songs of Surrender” 4 LP

I think we all know U2 whether we wanted to know them or not. Alt-rock–debatably Christian–post-punk band, U2, are back on our minds with “Songs of Surrender,” an album consisting of four discs chock-full of re-recorded and reimagined songs from this familiar Irish band. With lyrics mostly around themes such as spirituality and current events, the group remains to keep its relevance. You can pre-order their collection of re-done tunes here


Unknown Mortal Orchestra - V [Legendary Edition 2LP]

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - “V” [Legendary Edition] Double LP

UMO, my beloved, a sure-staple of silky smooth psych pop. Crispy drums tones, ocean wave-y guitar, and glossy vocals, Unknown Mortal Orchestra is perfect for fans of Tame Impala, Pond, Toro y Moi, and possibly even Melody’s Echo Chamber. The band’s next record, “V” is gearing up to be somewhat sultry with the likes of their new singles including “Nadja” and “Layla.” Check it out and get it while it’s on pre-order on gold wax.

More to be found this week…

M83, 100 Gecs, Dropkick Murphys, Ghost, Sonny Rollins, Jake Baldwin, Sandrider, DJ Black Low, Subhumans, David Ruffin, Kamelot, Ten Years After, Frightened Rabbit, Drake/21 Savage, Smino

…and beyond!

Week of March 24th…

Fall Out Boy - So Much (For) Stardust [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Coke Bottle Clear LP]

Fall Out Boy - “So Much (For) Stardust” [Indie Exclusive] Coke Bottle Clear

Possibly a little more radio-pop but still recognizably pop emo, Fall Out Boy is back, baby!! Following the incredibly “in your face,” “M A  N   I    A,” the singles out so far for “So Much (For) Stardust” seem to give us a new glimpses at the artist we’ve grown to know and love, along with familiar tones and practices of Patrick Stump and friends. Fall Out Boy is notorious for being the in-between of pop emo and mid-2000’s hard rock like Three Days Grace. Maybe that’s just me? This is a band that barely needs an introduction as its following remains close to other musicians like Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance. Continue your cult-devotion and pre-order their next record on coke bottle clear vinyl before it hits shelves!


Elton John - Honky Chateau: 50th Anniversary [2LP]

Elton John - “Honky Chateau: 50th Anniversary” Double LP

Groovy to the beat of glam honky-tonk–yeah I’m coining that, glam honky-tonk–I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a favourite Elton John song, even if it is just “Crocodile Rock.” A principal album stuffed with hits and memorable tracks, “Honky Chateau” is getting a rightful 50th anniversary pressing, and, yes, “Rocket Man,” is on the track listing! If it’s not a staple in your Elton John collection, it’s surely a pinnacle piece for any classic rock collection. Get your own by pre-ordering it for yourself on our site.


Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Random Color Signed Eco Mix LP]

Ellie Goulding - “Higher Than Heaven” [Indie Exclusive] Random Rainbow Eco Wax

If you had Pandora in the early 2010’s and/or if you were into electronica and EDM around the same time, you know just how iconic Ellie Goulding is and how she’s remained so. Accurately described to have “ethereal” vocals on top of funky electronic dance music, “Like A Saviour,” the new single from “Higher Than Heaven” promises everything we already adore of Goulding. This is all a long-winded way of suggesting that you’ve probably heard, “Lights” before. Join us in our devout following of Ellie Goulding and pre-purchase her next record on eco vinyl.

More to be found this week…

Lana Del Rey, Caroline Rose, Nickel Creek, BABYMETAL, Depeche Mode, Chasms, Debby Friday, Pink Floyd, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Grandaddy, Kate Davis, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Elvis Presley, Lannds, Thrice, The Bouncing Souls, Periphery, Lindsey Sterling, Cheap Trick

…and beyond!

Week of March 31st…

boygenius - the record [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear LP]

boygenius - “the record” [Indie Exclusive] Clear Vinyl

A store-favourite, stop by and come listen to this album if ya want to hear it in person–it’s in our often-played store collection! Being reissued as an Indie Exclusive on sleek clear vinyl, boygenius has returned to our site! Powerful and building, boygenius takes all of your frustrations and summer disappointments, wads them up in a big ball, and fires it into the sky like fireworks. Don’t be afraid to shed a tear to this masterpiece of an emotional record, it pairs well with Phoebe Bridgers to paint you a clearer picture. If you happened to miss out on your first opportunity to get boygenius while it was on our shelves, it is available for pre-order.


The New Pornographers - Continue As A Guest [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Opaque Green/Translucen

The New Pornographers - “Continue As A Guest” [Indie Exclusive] Green + Blue Vinyl

Checking all the boxes for excellent indie rock, The New Pornographers are ultra-polished in their technique. This band may have a cult-following, but I’m also here to hype up fans of Arcade Fire in preparation for this new album. Ever-evolving yet still ever-faithful to themselves, “Continue As A Guest” has been premiered through two singles, “Angelcover” and “Really Really Light,” and is ready for pre-order on green and blue blotted wax.

Scott Mcmicken & The Ever-Expanding - Shabang

Scott McMicken & THE EVER-EXPANDING - “Shabang”

How can you resist exploring a name like Scott McMicken & THE EVER-EXPANDING? If you take a glimpse into what Scott has to offer and think he sounds a little familiar, you may be surprised to find that he is a founding member of Dr. Dog! Smooth and a touch spooky, “Shabang” is going to be one for dancing around in the kitchen or lounging in your living room. Semi-psychedlic, semi-folk, and truly bluesy, this album is sure to be pure butter. Take a chance with THE EVER-EXPANDING’s new album by pre-ordering now.

More to be found this week…

The Hold Steady; The Who; Denzel Curry; Iggy and the Stooges; Taylor Kingman; Andrew Bird; Melanie Martinez; Ghost; Mac Miller; London Brew; The Zombies; Hermanos Gutierrez; Archetypes Collide; Deerhoof; Frank Zappa; Puscifer; City and Colour; Steve Gunn & David Moore; Tomahawk; Meshuggah; MF DOOM; Upstate; Barrie; KMD; Samiam; You Me At Six; Altin Gün; Talbot, Molina, Lofgren, & Young; The Barstool Preachers

…and beyond!

Week of April 7th…

Various Artists - Spelljams [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Maroon & Purple Galaxy 2LP]

“Spelljams” [Indie Exclusive] Galaxy Coloured Double LP

Boy howdy, allow me to tell ya how excited I was to see this record on our pre-order list! This is not a drill: This is a record solely for fans of Dungeons and Dragons! But getting to say that a beloved tabletop roleplaying game has its own record isn’t why I’m so ecstatic–it’s the frankly nutso-wide slew of various artists and their corresponding genres! From hardcore punk (Osees) to cold wave (Black Marble), funk (Reggie Watts), mystical psychedelic rock (Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band), experimental ambience (TEKE::TEKE), blues noise (Califone), and much more, this album has it all for your dragon-slaying adventures! Pre-order your next adventure on a gorgeous purple-y “galaxy” coloured wax.


Daughter - Stereo Mind Game [Indie Exclusive Recycled Random Color LP]

Daughter - “Stereo Mind Game” [Indie Exclusive] Random Coloured Vinyl

Atmospheric and possibly just as heartbreaking as they can be uplifting, I chose this record to write about to emphasize the difference between the band Daughter and Daughters. Though the former is described as indie folk, that’s not how I’d begin to paint their picture… Take “indie folk” and put it at the mouth of a dark cave on a vastly starry night. This description fits well for their first three or so albums, but the single introducing “Stereo Mind Games,” “Swim Back,” promises something a bit brighter in tone. Hear for yourself and pre-purchase their next album on randomly colored wax.

More to be found this week…

Manchester Orchestra, Ruston Kelly, De La Soul, North Americans, Linkin Park, Corrosion of Conformity, Wednesday, Overcoats, Devon Church, Fletcher, The Offspring, Jana Horn, Brijean, HMLTD, Devon Gilfillian, NF, Daniel Caesar

…and beyond!

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