Taylor Swift: Midnights Mayhem and Myths + Dual Listening Party

There are a million and one rumours going around about Taylor Swift's Midnights album release on Friday, 10/21/22

Your questions: answered.. well sorta..

Will Curious Collections have the Midnights album for our listening party at midnight on Friday? No - Sorry folks, Universal Music Group implemented a strict Friday delivery date on the midnights albums for all indie retailers.

Although customers have received emails with Thursday delivery confirmation from some large retail giants, we will not have our albums to sell until UPS arrives at the shop on Friday afternoon. So, please don't line up on Friday AM, we won't have stock til later on in the day. We will notify you via IG when we are getting the product on the shelf. For those that pre-ordered from us, we will give you a call and you will get an email notification that your album is ready for pick up.

Myth: The Midnights album might really be a double LP instead of a single. I'll say this is highly unlikely, at the price of a single LP, no way the label would make and ship a double for that price.

Myth: There's an Indie Exclusive version of Midnights coming on Sunday, Oct 23: Not exactly. Taylor Swift's official IG posted a reel earlier this week hinting to something special at your indie stores on Sunday. True to the T. Swift marketing team, I can say you're in for a treat, but can not say exactly what.  Limited surprises, nonetheless, and we aren't even sure when they will arrive or if they will be here on Sunday. We are keeping things hush hush til we get our hands on these bad boys. We will let you know our plans for these exclusives as soon as we have them. 

I will say this, we will most likely we will do a lotto drawing, the same style we did for The Lakes. So saying that, Anyone who would like to enter our lotto can have one entry. If you pre-ordered Midnights from us, you get one additional entry for every album you bought and if you come to the listening party on Thursday PM at Curious Collections, you get another entry. At the listening party, we will have more chances for you to win extra entries for our T. Swift lottery. All entries will be for our local, in-store customers only. 

Please be aware that we are still hosting our T. Swift Midnights release party starting at 10 PM in our listening room at Curious Collections. We have made this listening party dually fun by adding the Arctic Monkeys "The Car" listening party at the very same time, the same evening. However, those who pre-ordered The Car, will be able to leave with their record in hand at midnight on Friday, along with a limited edition Arctic Monkeys tote bag (while supplies last). 

RSVP for our T. Swift "Midnights" listening party HERE (album pre-order links are here too)

RSVP for our Arctic Monkeys "The Car" Listening party HERE (album preorder links are here too)

Sweet dreams Swifties, meet me at Midnights. 

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