MASSIVE Releases for Friday November 5, 2021!!! Get on this Quick!!!

MASSIVE Releases for Friday November 5, 2021!!! Get on this Quick!!!

By: the_home_for_wayward_records

Radiohead - Kid A Mnesia [Order Now: Black - Limited Edition Red- 21 years since the release of Radiohead's seminal albums, Kid A and Amnesiac comes a combined and expanded reissue, KID A MNESIA Here put back together as originally intended, with an additional disc of bonus material - including 2 original unreleased recordings from the era: 'If You Say the Word' + 'Follow Me Around'

Radiohead - Kid A Mnesia [Vinyl Record]

Bullet For My Valentine - Bullet For My Valentine [Order Now: Black - Solid Gold - Blue Transparent] - Metal vets Bullet For My Valentine announces their self-titled, seventh album which will be released via Spinefarm Records. It sees the band open a bold new chapter and is easily their heaviest, fiercest album so far.

Bullet for my Valentine - Bullet for my Valentine [Vinyl Record]Bullet for my Valentine - Bullet for my Valentine [Solid Gold Vinyl Record]Bullet for my Valentine - Bullet for my Valentine [Blue Transparent Vinyl Record]

ABBA - Voyage [Order Now: Black - Limited Edition Blue] - I’m pretty sure no one had “ABBA will return with a new album” on their 2021 bingo card, but hey, the last two years have taught us that anything is possible. Coming 40 some odd years after their last LP, ABBA return to give us more Scandinavian disco hits to take us into 2022. It should be interesting to see how it does in the modern music atmosphere.

Abba - Voyage [Vinyl Record]Abba - Voyage [Limited Edition Blue Vinyl Record]

Billy Idol - Happy Holidays [Order Now: Black - Limited Edition White] - Also not included on the “Who thought this would happen in 2021” list is a Billy Idol Christmas album. I mean, I’m not saying it won’t work, but I just never expected that this would happen. Oh well, I’m sure there are weirder ideas out there somewhere.

Billy Idol - Happy Holidays [Vinyl Record]

Mr. Bungle - The Night They Came Home [Order Now: White - Limited Edition Orange] - The 2LP Vinyl release of Mr. Bungle's 2020 livestream event, The Night They Came Home. Includes performances of songs from their album, The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo, along with cover songs and more. I absolutely loved their last LP, so I can’t wait to hear this live LP.

Mr. Bungle - The Night They Came Home [White Vinyl Record]Mr. Bungle - The Night They Came Home [Limited Edition Orange Vinyl Record]
Snail Mail - Valentine [Order Now: Black - Limited Edition Gold] - Lush, the 2018 debut album by Snail Mail was one of my favorite albums that year, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting her new album. Valentine sounds a bit more mature or at least more developed in spots than Lush, but maintains that guitar rock sound on most tracks. This should make a lot of Best of 2021 lists

Snail Mail - Valentine [Vinyl Record]Snail Mail - Valentine [Limited Edition Gold Vinyl Record]


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