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The Vinyl Experience

Shopping online has become an efficient and relaxing way to get measly errands done, but with the rise of online shopping are we missing something?

The majority of people still go grocery shopping in a brick and mortar store. Buying produce online can be a little daunting. There is no censor for the condition it is in beyond a short description on a screen. We have accepted this chore of grocery shopping with the masses rather than doing it in our underwear at home, so why not accept other less taxing shopping outings for other valued items?

Shopping for vinyl is nothing less than an experience. Getting to hold a record in your hand, and listen to the little flaws it has that makes it what it is. Holding records in your hand rather than reading about it and hearing how that scratch effects the play and the needle to assess rather it is worth the price; that is what we are offering at Curious Collections.

Walking into a store with wall to wall of the same product is intimidating, but taking thirty minutes to sift through thirty records finding that one gem makes fighting Texas Ave traffic worth it.

Shopping for vinyl used to be an old school pastime, and we have tried to transform it for our day and age. However, getting bent records in the mail from non-climate controlled storage is tragic. In a store that doesn't happen. You won't pay twenty bucks for a record to receive it ruined and worth mere cents.

Trying to save a culture,

Curious Collections

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