New Releases for May 6

By: the_home_for_wayward_records


Def Leppard - Retro-Active - Def Leppard’s classic 1983 smash, Pyromania gets a reissue this week, along with their 1993 B-sides compilation, Retroactive. Pyromania is an 80’s metal must have, so that’s a no brainer to pick up. Retroactive covers their first decade or so as a band and features new recordings, b-sides and previously unreleased recordings.


Def Leppard - Pyromania 


Eddie Vedder - Ukelele Songs -  Eddie Vedder's second studio album, including 16 original songs & new arrangements of classic standards. Featuring a number of songs that Vedder penned and first played live, Ukulele Songs also includes a ukulele version of Pearl Jam's 2002 track "Can't Keep" and guest vocalists on two tracks: Glen Hansard on "Sleepless Nights" and Cat Power on "Tonight You Belong To Me." 


Rolling Blackouts C.F. - Endless Rooms - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever return in 2022 with Endless Rooms, the Melbourne quintet's third album. For the first time, the band self-produced the record (alongside engineer, collaborator and old friend, Matt Duffy), creating their most naturalistic and expansive document yet. The result is a collection of songs permeated by the spirit of the place; punctuated by field recordings of rain, fire, birds, and wind. "It's almost an anti-concept album," say the band. "The 'endless rooms' of the title reflects our love of creating worlds in our songs. We treat each of them as a bare room to be built up with infinite possibilities."


Warpaint - Radiate Like This [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Transparent Yellow LP] - Radiate Like This - Warpaint's anticipated new record - their first in almost 6 years - arrives with its own very modern mythology intact, continuing the strange, brilliant, beautiful story of the band and quite neatly picking up where 2016's Heads Up left off. If the previous album was the coming of age, Radiate Like This presents Warpaint mk II in all their glory, a luminous coalescence of sound and vision, an album that pulsates with ideas, energy and- most crucially - gorgeous melodies. I saw Warpaint years ago and absolutely loved them.


The Who - My Generation


The Who - A Quick One - The Who’s first and second albums get an Abbey Road Half Speed remaster reissue this week. Two absolute classic albums, these reissues, like most of the Abbey Road Half Speed Masters, will sound phenomenal and be worth picking up.