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All the Metal You Could Ever Want

All the Metal You Could Ever Want

The Metal Gods have smiled down on Curious Collections recently with a huge haul of metal classics having landed at the shop. Many first and second pressings of some hard to find Metal must-haves are waiting for you to swing by and take home. Check out this list.

Metallica - Kill Em’ All - You don’t see items like this swing by very often, so you need to get this one as quick as possible. An original 1983 Megaforce Records pressing of the incredible debut album from Metallica. An all-time Thrash classic and one of the best metal albums ever recorded, this is one that your collection needs. It has recent represses, but this is the one you need.

Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell and Mob Rules - It may be heresy to some, but I love the Dio Sabbath albums just as much as the original Ozzy albums. Both of these are on constant rotation for me and have been since I was a teen. The band hits some of their heaviest riffs since Master of Reality and Dio is the perfect frontman for the band. Original pressings are hard to come by, so grab em both before they’re gone.

Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman - The final Ozzy album to feature Randy Rhoads, Diary of a Madman is my favorite Ozzy solo album. Even though it was hastily recorded, the songs feel like a band finally stretching out a bit and searching for newer and more varied sounds. The opening track “Over The Mountain” hits like a hammer and sets the tone for the rest of the album. This original pressing is a must have for any Ozzy fan.

Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind - The fourth album from Iron Maiden, Piece of Mind is 45 minutes of metal perfection. “The Trooper” is one of the biggest songs of Maiden’s illustrious career and you don’t even get to it until the second side of this jam packed LP. “Where Eagle Dare” & “Flight of the Icarus” balance out side one, but honestly, it’s all power from start to finish. I have about 7 favorite Maiden albums, but this one is definitely up there on my list.

Motley Crue - Theatre of Pain & Girls, Girls, Girls - Two of the biggest albums in the history of Motley Crue, Theatre of Pain and Girls, Girls, Girls are 80’s Metal royalty. While Theatre of Pain saw them drifting way more into glam territory, the massive smash “Home Sweet Home” make this a must have. Girls, Girls, Girls finds them dialing the biker schtick back up and getting back to a heavier sound, with the title tack and my favorite, “Wild Side” driving this one ahead. Girls, Girls, Girls is my go to choice on this one.

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