Late August 2020 Brings More Than RSD Releases

Buckle up.. get ready for these!

X - Alphabetland 8/21

The 8th studio album from X comes 27 years after their last release and 35 years since a release from the full original band.  It’s definitely a throwback, sound wise, and sounds like its been locked in a perfect time capsule since they left off in the 80’s.  To hear them back in form and putting out something vital this far down the road is pretty refreshing.

Erasure - The Neon 8/21

2018’s World Be Gone was a weirdly subdued affair for the normally dance heavy Erasure and left me feeling a bit indifferent. Luckily, the three tracks released so far from the new LP, The Neon, are all full-on club tracks, because the last thing 2020 needs is a dour Erasure. If your dance music leans more towards techno-esque sounds, Erasure may not quite be your bag, but if you’re a bit old school like I am, a good Erasure dance album is exactly what you need this year.

PJ Harvey - Rid of Me/Rid Of Me 4 Track Demos 8/21

If there was an artist that deserved to have an exhaustive reissue campaign for her output, it was PJ Harvey.  Lucky for us, that’s exactly what has happened and the second set arrives this week.  Rid of Me was a much more abrasive affair than her debut, Dry, but is just as incredible, if not a bit better in some ways.  Both of these are must have 90’s indie albums.

My Morning Jacket - Waterfall 2 (8/28)

The second part of MMJ’s Waterfall sessions, recorded originally in 2013, comes out at the end of the month. Part of this set was released in 2015 and now the final section sees the light of day.  The Waterfall was a bit different from the early glory days of MMJ, but I enjoyed it overall. I’m up for another dip in that Waterfall and hope to see more new work from them in the near future.

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