New Vinyl Reissues for 2021

New Vinyl Reissues for 2021

Deftones - White Pony (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

2000’s White Pony, the third album from Deftones saw the band ride the success of their previous LP, Around The Fur, to mainstream stardom. Featuring a blistering array of riffs and beats, White Pony showed that they were much more than just another Nu Metal band. This 4 LP, 2 CD Super Deluxe Edition features the entire White Pony LP, new Remix LP called Black Stallion and a 24 page book. I normally don’t call 4LP box sets a must have, but this might change that.

The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

The follow up to their smash debut, Shake Your Money Maker, 1993’s The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion found The Black Crowes adding onto their modern day Rolling Stones sound with a barrage of classic southern rock influences. Their love of the sounds of the Allman Brothers would lead to an expansion of their already classic feel by adding depth to their Keith Richards riffs. The lead single, Remedy, is probably my favorite song from The Black Crowes and its nestled inside of a fantastic LP.

Pearl Jam - Ten (Purple Vinyl)

“Grunge” was already starting to take over the airwaves when “Alive”, the first single from Pearl Jam’s debut, Ten, went into heavy rotation on MTV. With the guitar heroics of Mike McCready and the powerful vocals of Eddie Vedder, its not hard to see why Pearl Jam became an almost instant success. The best thing about Ten is that it’s not a singles driven LP and is best listened to as a whole piece.  Each song is just as powerful as the last and pushes you to listen to the next one. This is still one of my favorite albums of the 90’s.

Public Enemy - Power To The People And The Beats (Greatest Hits)

Possibly the most influential Rap group of all time, Public Enemy is the greatest example of a group having not only great music, but also a powerful message in every track. You can go through every track on here, from “Fight The Power” and “By The Time I Get To Arizona” to “911 Is a Joke” and find a message laid out for you. Each track is an anthem for the racial and social strife in America and each still withstand the test of time. 

King Crimson - In The Court of the Crimson King

One of, if not THE defining albums of Progressive Rock, In The Court of the Crimson King is a masterpiece. It’s a complicated and daring album that draws you in with its immediate heaviness and holds onto you with its beauty. Every musician is a master of his instrument and there’s something for everyone to find and love on this one. King Crimson would record quite a few more fantastic albums, but none would ever reach the magnificence of this album. It’s a definitive statement on rock and roll in 1969 and would shape the future of Progressive Music for decades to come.


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