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Nirvana - Bleach

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the last 25 years, you’ve heard Nirvana. The only question to ask then, is have you heard their first LP, Bleach? Released in June 1989, Bleach is louder and less polished than it’s music industry changing followup, Nevermind, but the melodies that made up the success of Nevermind are all still there.  About A Girl would end up on Unplugged in New York and is a prime example of Kurt’s songcraft, even on their first LP, but it’s tracks like School and Negative Creep are what made me an immediate fan. If you don’t have this album, now is the perfect time to pick it up with two new colored pressings, Red with black swirl or Blue with black swirl. Both look fantastic and are worth picking up.  

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