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Rumours, Tesla, Black Sabbath and Other Hot Vinyl Restocks - January 2022

By: the_home_for_wayward_records

Got a lot of good new stuff and restocks in this week, so lets check a few of them out.

Tesla * Mechanical Resonance [Blue Colored Vinyl Record]

Tesla - Mechanical Resonance [Blue Colored Vinyl Record] (Click to Buy)- One of my favorite metal records of the 1980’s, Tesla’s debut, Mechanical Resonance is finally getting some kind of a reissue. I wouldn’t say Tesla is hair metal, because its not as poppy as that subgenre. It’s more of a Hard Rock sound, which definitely works for me. This European import is a blue colored vinyl with an Obi-Strip and seems to be a quality reissue. It may be from a digital source, but it still sounds good and is worth picking up.

Panic At The Disco * Death Of A Bachelor [Vinyl Record]

Panic At The Disco - Death of a Bachelor & Pray For the Wicked (Click to Buy)- The most recent two Panic At The Disco albums from 2016 and 2018 respectively, Bachelor and Wicked find the band trimmed down to a Brendon Urie solo act but still sounding exactly like the band you know. I’d say bachelor is the stronger of the two, but both are worth grabbing while they’re back in print.

Sturgill Simpson * Sailor's Guide To Earth [180g Vinyl + Bonus CD]

Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor’s Guide to Earth [180g Vinyl + Bonus CD] (Click to Buy)-  Stepping away from his more country roots, adding some R&B sounds, picking up a horn section and doing one hell of a Nirvana cover, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth is probably my favorite Sturgill Simpson LP. The musicianship is outstanding and the new sounds really show what Sturgill can do. He’s a great guitar player and his voice is suited for so much more than just country music. His cover of Nirvana’s In Bloom is worth checking out, but Brace For Impact (Live a Little) is my favorite track on the album.

Black Sabbath * Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Click to Buy)- The fifth album by metal progenitors Black Sabbath, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is a heavy mix of progressive sounds and Sabbath’s trademark low end Minor key doom. As I’ve grown older, this album has steadily risen to the top of my Sabbath favorites list until it now shares the top spot with Master of Reality. A National Acrobat is one of their best songs and in a catalog as deep as theirs, that’s truly saying something. I’d grab one of these while you can.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Click to Buy)   - Stacked with hits and still topping the charts, Rumours is your go to Fleetwood Mac LP. Written in the midst of various interband relationships falling apart, Rumours is the quintessential breakup album. Go Your Own Way is probably my favorite track, but Don’t Stop is also massive and you have to be ready to spin Dreams before heading out to longboard with your Cranberry juice, right? It’s funny how a viral video can push an album back to the top of the charts, but it certainly did that for Rumours.


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