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Classic Vinyl Must-haves.. Restocked - January 2022

By: the_home_for_wayward_records

Since we’re on part 3 of this restock drop, you can tell we had a lot of great stuff come in this week. Let’s move on and look at some of the other great stuff that came in.

Nine Inch Nails * Pretty Hate Machine [Vinyl Record]

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine (Click to Buy)  - One of the most influential bands of the 80’s & 90’s, Nine Inch Nails hit the scene with their debut, Pretty Hate Machine and never looked back. Filled with hits like Down In It, Head Like A Hole and Sin, it’s easy to see why it had such an impact. Bridging the gap between the harder industrial music like Skinny Puppy with the more pop sensibilities of bands like Depeche Mode, NIN found a way to channel melody and angst all together into one danceable mix. 

Queen - A Day At The Races

Queen - A Day at the Races (Click to Buy)  - The follow up to the 1975 smash hit, A Night at the Opera, 1976’s A Day at the Races kept the sounds and feel of its compatriot and helped push the band even farther into the mainstream. Buoyed by the hit “Somebody To Love”, it would go on to top the charts in multiple countries with its mix of heavier songs and the operatic touches of its predecessor. I’m more of a Night at the Opera fan, but this one is a great album in its own right.

Green Day * American Idiot [Vinyl Import]

Green Day - American Idiot (Click to Buy)  - If people thought that the second act of Green Day was over and that they were losing steam after Warning, 2004’s American Idiot immediately put that to rest. Blasting out of the gate with a series of hit singles, the album would go on to top multiple best of 2004 lists, get nominated for a Grammy, spawn a Broadway musical and become one of Rolling Stone’s Top 500 albums of all time. Not bad for a pop punk band from the Bay Area.

Jimi Hendrix * Are You Experienced [180g Vinyl Record]

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced? (Click to Buy)  - One of the best debut albums of all time and one of the best guitar albums of all time, Are You Experienced? Launch Jimi Hendrix into global fame. From hits like Purple Haze to blues burners like Hey Joe, the world would never forget the name Jimi Hendrix after this. It’s amazing to listen to it now and hear all of the things Jimi did that would go on to influence scores of guitar players for decades to come. He truly was a genius and this album serves as the cornerstone of his sound.

Foo Fighters * Greatest Hits [2LP/DL CARD/GATEFOLD]

Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits (Click to Buy)  - Dave Grohl is always around and it makes it easy to forget how many great singles the band has put out. Big Me, Everlong, My Hero, Monkey Wrench…the list goes on. This 2LP comp does a great job of assembling all of the must have tracks from their first handful of albums. Once you drop the needle and the hits start, you wont regret having picked this one up. It’s truly a jam packed hits comp and filled with earworm worthy songs.

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