HOT New Lumineers Album and Rad Restocks - January 2022

By: the_home_for_wayward_records

Another round of great restocks in this week, covering multiple different genres. Make sure to swing by and pick up a few of these before they’re gone again.

The Lumineers * Brightside [Vinyl Record LP]

The Lumineers - Brightside (Click to Buy) - Got a fresh batch of this new album by The Lumineers released this January 14, 2022 This one is flying off the shelves, like all of their albums do. Brightside has been getting great reviews and is already another hit from this now venerable indie band.

Greta Van Fleet * The Battle At Garden's Gate [White Colored Vinyl Record 2x LP]

Greta Van Fleet - The Battle At Garden’s Gate [White Colored Vinyl 2x LP] (Click to Buy)  - With 2 EP’s and now their second full length album, Greta Van Fleet are firmly at the forefront of the rock & roll rebirth of the 2020’s. Battle At Garden’s Gate doubles down on the Zeppelin elements of their sound, while adding in some more prog rock elements. These compliment their already formidable sound and add a new layer to this still young bands approach.  This albums continues to sell out pressings, so make sure to grab it while you can.

The Osees * Levitation Sessions 1 [Colored Vinyl, Bonus Clear Vinyl 7", Green, Black Vinyl Record LP]

The Osees - Levitation Sessions 1 [Colored Vinyl, Bonus Clear Vinyl 7", Green/Black Vinyl Record LP] (Click to Buy)- The Levitation festival, home to all things psychedelic, has been branching out into live and studio LP’s lately, with their newest offering courtesy of The Osees. This colored vinyl pressing comes with a bonus 7” and is limited to 1000 copies. If you haven’t checked out The Osees yet, in any of their prior formats, make sure to get this one.

Twenty One Pilots * Blurryface [Silver Colored Anniversary Vinyl Record]

Twentyonepilots - Blurryface [Silver Colored Anniversary Vinyl] (Click to Buy) - 2015’s Blurryface was the breakthrough album for Twentyonepilots and is an album that becomes harder and harder to find at times. Multiple gold singles and in 2019, it reached the milestone of staying on the Billboard charts for 4 consecutive years. This is a must have album.

Bo Burnham * Inside (The Songs) [Explicit Content Vinyl Record 2x LP]

Bo Burnham - Inside (Click to Buy) - The first run of this LP sold out immediately and for good reason. If you haven't checked out the Netflix special, Inside, then stop reading this and go do it right now. Once you’ve finished, we will have this LP waiting for you at the shop. If these songs don’t make you laugh, then you may be in a coma.

Pink Floyd * Dark Side Of The Moon [Vinyl Record]
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (Click to Buy) - One of the biggest albums of all time, Dark Side of the Moon is a must have vinyl for any collection. This album hits the Floyd hallmarks of soaring guitars, powerful lyrics and strong performances from each member of the band. 

Pink Floyd ‎* The Wall [Vinyl Record]

 Pink Floyd - The Wall (Click to Buy) - Another masterpiece of an album from Pink Floyd is back on the shelves. I originally got into Floyd through The Wall, so its always been a favorite of mine. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grab this vinyl while its in stock.

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