Vinyl Talks With Tim

Tim's Latest Record Recommendations

Join Tim as he unpacks a new round of what he is currently listening to. Get some great vinyl recommendations to add to your collection!

Turntable Talk with Tim & His List of Must Have Records

Tim dissects the Pink Floyd's most famous albums Dark Side of the Moon & The Wall. Two must have albums for any collection! Learn about manual vs automatic turntables to help find the best fit for you!

Tim Shares His Story & Record Store Day Exclusives

 Tim sits down with Mary, the owner of Curious Collections, to discuss the beginning of the business, the start of their friendship, Mary's battle with Breast Cancer, & more!
Vinyl Talks With Tim - Different Types of Turntables

Vinyl Talks With Tim - Different Types of Turntables

Tim talks about the different types of turntables and which type he prefers! In this first video, Tim talks about how standard manual turntables te...