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Magic Girl * I'm Too Blue [CD]

Magic Girl * I'm Too Blue [CD]

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Release Date: May 3

About our local artist:

Magic Girl is Mary-Charlotte Young, a Southern singer-songwriter steeped in Texas Americana troubadour tradition with a punk rock edge. Magic Girl tells stories like Lucinda and Townes, songs of hard lives and experience, but with a true empathy that celebrates strength. All sung with a voice far larger than her small frame should be able to produce yet fragile enough to relate even the frailest of emotions.

Tack List:

1. The Hangman

2. Window (Judith)

3. Come What May

4. Boxcar Girl

5. I'm Too Blue

6. Appaloosa (Mary)

7. Where Every Man's A King

8. So It Seems

9. Magdalene

10. Holler Down The Hall

11. So It Ain't So

12. Ramblin' Woman

13. Wild, Wild Hair (Delilah)

14. Black Valentine