Avery Strahm * Raining. [CD]

Avery Strahm * Raining. [CD]

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Avery Strahm is a 20 year old singer, songwriter, and musician from Rockwall, Texas. Born and raised an avid music aficionado. Avery early on found her passion for music, leading her to write her first single, “Raining”, at the age of 19.

“Raining”, is only a small taste of Avery’s musical talent, showing an ability for emitting truth behind her lyrics that grab the attention of the listener.

Her CD, also features a cover of Brittany Spears' "Toxic", reworked for a more acoustic vibe completely unlike the original. The second is Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee", capturing Avery's strong vocal ability to reach that classic raspy pitch associated with Janis.