Pre-orders For The Week of March 10th

written by Rocky

We’ve talked all about the upcoming releases from Miley Cyrus, The Nude Party, and Daniel Johnston in our monthly pre-review; here’s a closer look at what’s up next!


CAKE - Prolonging The Magic [LP]

CAKE - “Prolonging the Magic”

While bizarrely with many releases and editions on cassette, CAKE’s “Prolonging the Magic” is on vinyl for the very first time. Adjacent to Weezer, Beck, and possibly Red Hot Chili Peppers but seemingly hyper-aware of their actual role, presence, and sense of irony within the grand scheme of music, this album is a staple in the band’s discography. I like to describe CAKE as a band that fits snug in any Scott Pilgrim vs The World fan-playlist. Snappy and groovy indie pop rock of their own unique devices, this iconic group’s junior album is finally here on vinyl.


Mariah Carey - The Rarities [4LP Box Set]

Mariah Carey - “The Rarities” 4 LP Boxset

Let’s have an actual conversation about Mariah Carey’s vocal talent. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard “All I Want For Christmas is You,” but have you taken a moment to really think about her sheer range? The absolute soul and intensity in her vocal ability? If you’re looking for more thoughtfulness in your collection, look no further: Mariah Carey is putting out a boxset of rarities including demos, acoustic takes, and live performances, available now for pre-order on our site.


GING - We're Here, My Dear [LP]

Ging - “We’re Here, My Dear”

If you follow our Instagram closely, you might have been keen to spot this album in some of our pre-order previews. Devastatingly heartbreaking and emotionally raw, Ging gives no apologies for presenting the abyss in an explosion of full technicolor. The artist loosely refers to this album and what he “once called [their] marriage” as, “A new commitment, a commitment to truth,” and continues to add, “...even if that truth shatters every idea of what we thought we were, we honor it.” As written about in our last blog, “We’re Here, My Dear” in all of its sincerity also features a cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End.” Pre-order Ging’s loving masterpiece on vinyl.


JAWNY - It's Never Fair, Always True

JAWNY - “It’s Never Fair, Always True”

There’s a chance that if you’ve never knowingly heard JAWNY, that you may have heard “Trigger of Love” in passing. If this is true, you’re like me and you may be surprised; JAWNY is a master of bright and summery pop music and “It’s Never Fair, Always True” is no exception to his glimmer. Almost Monday with more overdriven guitar, MGMT with less synthesizer, Joywave with more sunlight, JAWNY and their latest release is one for your sitting-by-the-pool stack of records. Pre-order this must-have record for your upcoming backyard barbeques.


The Smile - Europe: Live Recordings 2022 [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition LP]

The Smile - “Europe: Live Recordings 2022” [Indie Exclusive]

So you dig Atoms For Peace. You love Thom Yorke’s solo stuff. You like David Bowie’s “Blackstar” and Everything Everything’s “Re-Animator” and maybe Moderat’s “III”. Okay, I’m beating around the bush: You follow Radiohead like a religion, and The Smile is not new news to you although, like me, you can’t believe it’s already been a year since the band released “A Light For Attracting Attention.” Well, the band has been on tour ever since and already have live music to share, “Live at Montreux Jazz Festival” being on streaming platforms. Recordings of this interstellar and other-wordly group from live concerts in Europe are very quickly coming to vinyl and are ready for pre-order.

Of course, there are so many more artists coming out with new music this week, along with an endless selection far into the future, all on our website and available for pre-purchase. Be sure to use the search bar to look for your favourites and stay tuned for more run-down blogs!


Peace, love, anarchy.


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