Upcoming Pre-Orders For the Week of February 24th

written by Rocky

In our month in review, we mentioned some exciting releases coming up this weekend including Gorillaz, Steel Panther, and Logic, but that is just the beginning of surprising names that are ready for pre-order. Here are a few more ready for the taking, and be sure to scroll down to read our notice on the anticipated “5SOS” 5 Seconds of Summer reissue.

Denzel Curry - Imperial [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Black, White  + Yellow Smoke LP]

Denzel Curry - TA13OO [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Magenta Splash LP]  Denzel Curry - ZUU [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red/Green Speckled LP]

Denzel Curry - “Imperial,” “TA13OO,” and “ZUU,” [Indie Exclusive] Coloured Vinyl

If you follow us on our Instagram, you’re already in-the-know for Denzel Curry’s triple threat of reissues this week! Hip hop meets punk meets trap metal, Curry dominates his own style and sound with an unmistakable intensity and heart. While he’s had his own headlining tours, he’s supported many known-names such as Joey Bada$$, Run the Jewels, and Kid Cudi, but is certainly an artist to get to know, yourself, in all of his known-blunt honesty. Complete your Denzel Curry collection or add to your hip hop spread by pre-purchasing “Imperial” on black, yellow, and white smokey vinyl; “TA13OO” on “magenta splash” wax; and/or “ZUU” on a red and green speckled spinner. …Okay, I ran out of synonyms for “vinyl.”


Neutral Milk Hotel - The Collected Works Of Neutral Milk Hotel [LP Box Set]

Neutral Milk Hotel - “The Collected Works of Neutral Milk Hotel” Boxset

Sometimes when collection boxsets come out, it’s missing something, right? Not in this case. Neutral Milk Hotel’s cult following since Elephant 6 has long-grown and found its way into the aching hearts of this-year’s teens and adults missing their younger days, alike. Undoubtedly you’ve seen the cover of “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” on our shelves, on your friend’s turntable, or on your Tumblr feed; if for some reason none of the listed are applicable, you may have at least heard an associated group such as Elf Power, the Minders, of Montreal, or Olivia Tremor Control. Neutral Milk Hotel and the Elephant 6 may have been the pioneers for raw and emotional lo-fi sound. If, still, none of this rings a bell, it may be time to dive into the band by pre-ordering and possibly gifting this hefty boxset to that superfan you surely are friends with and share a moment to the heart-wrenching vocals that made this band as prolific as they are now. 


Mui Zyu - Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century [Lemon LP]

mui zyu - “Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century”

After a handful of singles and EPs, Mui Zyu finally has a full-length album coming to life this weekend. Reminiscent of familiar names like Beach House, the singles out for “Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century” feel and sound like gentle ocean waves paired with a sort of harsh radio static, dissonant while still melodic like a minimal-noise take on Radiohead. Mui Zyu is known by her fans for her delightfully grotesque imagery and inspirations for Chinese folklore. Slip into a hazy dream and pre-order the new record on our site.

The Police - Around The World (Restored & Expanded) [Limited Edition Blue LP/DVD]

The Police - “Around the World” (Restored and Expanded) Blue Vinyl + DVD

On their first world tour from the late 70s, “Around the World” follows new-wave reggae-punk band, The Police, live and in-person for both your eyes and ears to enjoy. Featuring tracks from “Outlandos D’Armour” and “Reggatta De Blanc,” this live record fits well in a completionist’s collection as it re-captures the excitement and energy of new beginnings for what would become one of the most prolific–and debatably unique–band of the 80s. Get it for yourself and plan a movie night as it’s available for pre-order.

AYO, you made it this far! Thanks for stickin’ around. If you were one of the folks waiting on your copy of “5SOS” from our January run-down, its release date was shifted to this week! While a month is a bit to wait, pressing plants will be pressing plants and patience is a virtue. If you were unaware of this big news and would like a copy for yourself, this Aussie pop band’s reissue of their 2022 record is still available for pre-order on white vinyl.

As always, there is so much more to discover from this upcoming week to the end of your imagination! Our pre-order site currently only toggles to the week of March 31st, but try searching for your favourite artists in the navigation bar and be surprised to find new and familiar music far into the future! See ya next week.

Peace, love, anarchy.


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