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written by Rocky

Did you participate in our Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt? If you did, I’m sure you know how much of a whirlwind this month has already been! We gave ya a shake-down for what’s to come this month (and beyond!) via our last blog, but this post is for the week of February 17th! Everything listed here is and has been available for pre-order, along with many many more tiles and names, new and rediscovered!




Out of the thousands and thousands of musical artists in the world, only a comparatively short list makes it under the label of “iconic,” and P!nk is surely one of them. The pinnacle queen of the 2000s pop scene, P!nk is at it again in releasing a brand new record. Her singles, “TRUSTFALL” and “When I Get There” promise familiarity and the comfort that comes with it, the latter track featuring acoustic guitar and piano paired with her unmistakable voice. Going well next to names such as Lady Gaga and Betty Who, we’re excited to have P!nk back in the store. Pre-order her newest record on our site.


Nina Simone - Great Women Of Song: Nina Simone

Nina Simone - “Great Women of Song: Nina Simone”

So, audience, I have a bias. I love and adore Nina Simone. If you’ve never listened to the incredibly talented soul, jazz, and gospel of the 50s, 60, and 70s, do yourself a favor and listen to one of her songs like “Sinnerman” (okay, okay, that one’s one of my favourites). Alternatively, “Great Women of Song: Nina Simone” is an upcoming compilation album of songs that credit her to be as great as she is and is a perfect start for new fans. Boastful and fearless with social commentary on the civil rights movement, Nina shares her strength with those who need it most. Find this record available for pre-purchase.


The Pretty Reckless - Other Worlds [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Bone LP]

The Pretty Reckless - “Other Worlds” [Indie Exclusive] Bone-Coloured Vinyl

This ones for the fans! The Pretty Reckless released this reimaginings record late last year, and it’s back on its very own indie exclusive pressing. Made up of demos, remixes, and even cover songs, this album is for completionists and adventurers! Soulful pop vocals paired with heavy drums and (mostly) acoustic guitar, “Other Worlds” on bone-coloured wax is ready for pre-order on our site!


Cat Clyde - Down Rounder [LP]

Cat Clyde - “Down Rounder”

I’ll be honest, there were a lot of country, blues, and folk artists on this week’s list. While I’m not particularly partial to these genres, Cat Clyde took me by surprise! With a punk edge to their vocals, a psychedelic twinge to the backing instrumentation, hard drums, all mixed together with a southern charm, I could have sworn I was back in an Austin mosh pit in front of Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad or Annabelle Chairlegs. From headbangers to tearful slow-dancers, the singles premiering “Down Rounder” gives a sort of feeling of vengeance both Florence & the Machine and even Billie Eilish are known for. Take a leap of faith in pre-ordering Cat Clyde’s newest record, “Down Rounder.”

Other names this month…

Jordan Davis, Jon Sexsmith, Avatar, Inhaler, See You Next Tuesday, Joe Louis Walker, Jaimee Harris, LE SSERAFIM, Melanie Martinez, Grade 2, Motley Crue, Khotin, Lee Harris & Davor Bozic, Tianna Esperanza, Total Refreshment Centre, Visors & Moon King, Mood, Home Boy and the C.O.L, Kenny Rogers & the First Edition, Irma Thomas, Wilson Pickett, Lowly, Alex Mabey, Screaming Females

…and much more!

As I close every blog, there’s always more where this came from! Special order your favourites before they’re here and gone again on our site, from dates ranging from now into the indefinite future!

Peace, love, anarchy.


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