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Crosley 8ban Mini 3 in Turntable - Clear Version

A sick new look for the ultimate collectible turntable.

I will freely admit that I thought the original Mini-Turntable released for RSD 2019 was a gimmick and wondered how its support would be moving forward.  Well, I’ll happily admit that I was wrong and that they’ve continued to release titles for it since it launched.  We’ve seen releases from Bad Religion, Disney, Johnny Cash and a plethora of other artists during its year and a half of existence.

Crosley has now announced a new 3” turntable for RSD 2020 and it’s a pretty cool clear edition.  Yep, tiny and see through!  It will also come with 2 new Post Malone 3” singles, Saint Tropez on green vinyl and Goodbyes on red vinyl. And it's available right here at Curious Collections.  

Honestly, if you’ve been on the fence about grabbing one, now might be the perfect time to jump right in and pick one up.  The clear one is going to be pretty cool and the releases for it just keep on coming. So go ahead, admit that you want it and click on that pre-order link!  You know you want to. Click here to Pre-Order your Clear Crosley Mini 8ban Turntable

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