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Record Store Day Black Friday 11.27.20 at Curious Collections

Record Store Day Black Friday will be here before you know it! 

You can check out the full list in PDF form here

The titles that we HOPE to get and have available for you are listed here.

Lots of lit titles and albums you are gonna wanna get our paws on this year! Think Christmas!! It's right around the corner. 

With your health and safety first and foremost, we are offering a virtual line in the form of phone appointments on Black Friday. 

Just like the last 3 drops, we will be allowing our customers to sign up for a spot in our "virtual line" beginning at 9 PM on Saturday, November 21 (the Saturday before Black Friday) Here is the link to reserve your spot in line. At 9 PM on Saturday the 21st, we will make the button active for you to add it to your cart and check out to reserve your spot in line. At check out, we ask that you include in the notes what albums you are wanting for Black Friday. As before, this in no way reserves or holds the albums, [reserving albums is in violation of RSD guidelines and we can get in serious trouble for doing that].  The following day, you will receive an email from us indicating your phone call appointment time for Black Friday. Also, just like before, please include your email AND phone number when checking out. It's hard for us to call you if we don't have a phone number. Here's a little tip from a few friends that snagged the numero uno spot the las few drops: Login to our site before the button goes live, make sure you know your password and be ready for the button to refresh right at 9 PM. It also helps to have your list typed up and in your clipboard, ready to paste quickly. That's it. Easy peazy, lemon squeezy.

One more thing to remember about the morning of the phone calls, we will still be calling from random numbers, since we will be using our cell phones that morning, so this is the one time you're gonna want to answer that call from a random number. If you miss our call, there's no guarantee that we will be able to answer if you try to call back and you will most likely loose your place in line. 

For those of you who missed out on the last 3 drops, your phone appointment time will be the time we call you at, maybe a few minutes early as we seem to have this process down to an art form and are quite efficient at it now :) We will give you a ring the morning of Black Friday, we will ask you which albums you are wanting to purchase and you will make your purchase over the phone with one of our very good looking and knowledgeable staff members, thus, securing your Record Store Day albums without even leaving the comfort of your own bed. 

Some times to remember:

Sat, Nov 21 @ 9 PM - Virtual line, phone appointment reservations go live

Black Friday @ 7 AM - Phone sales begin

9 AM - Doors open

Noon - Online sales begin

Get excited. It's gonna be a good one!

As a reminder, no pre-orders or holds, sending us your list helps us plan for what we need to have on hand for sales that morning. If you have any questions, drop us a line or hit us up in the chat bubble to the bottom right of your screen.

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