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Record Store Day Delayed - A Tale of Redemption In Three Parts

Like many things, Record Store Day 2020, originally slated for April 19, succumbed to Covid-19 cancellation.  This really wasn’t a surprise, with safety and common sense taking the lead.  The last thing we needed to do was pack into lines and queue up in the midst of a pandemic.  

A rescheduled RSD 2020 was then slated for June 20, coincidentally the day before my birthday, unless they were just trying to do something nice for me.  I wondered if that too was an optimistic date with how the situation has unfolded.  Again, not surprisingly, that date too was scrapped well before June.  

The good news is that we now have a new plan for RSD 2020 that involves three separate dates in late summer/early fall.  Apparently, they are breaking up the releases into three “drops” over the course of three months, each about a month apart.  The drops start on August 29, with the second on September 26 and the final one on October 24.  

There’s still no word on what is being released on each date, but they’ve said that an announcement about that will come out around June 1.  Stores will have more flexibility with how these releases are handled and for many of us, spreading it out over three dates will give our wallet a bit of recovery time between each date. We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information and look for our “Must Have” lists for each upcoming drop date.

Make sure to email your wishlist to rsd2020@curiouscollectionstx.com once the drop listings come out and let us know exactly what you’re interested in. 

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