RSD2020 Most Anticipated List from Matt, The King of Recommendations and Write-Ups

Anyone that knows me, knows how obsessive I can be about Record Store Day and I’ll admit that I go into it with a mix of pure excitement and thinly veiled anxiety.  I always worry about getting the items I really want and then worry about how much I may spend. I can be a bit of a mess about it all. The other thing I do is make list after list of the items that I am interested in and continually refine it over the weeks leading up to Record Store Day.  

So here is my list of RSD titles that I can’t wait to check out.  Some of these are seeing their first ever release and will get a ton of spins from me.  

Batman & Robin - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

David Bowie - ChangesNowBowie

David Bowie - I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour ‘74)

The Cure - Bloodflowers (2LP Picture Disc)

MIles Davis - Double Image: Rare Miles From The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions

The Doors - The Soft Parade: Stripped

Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Rumours

Bob Mould - Circle of Friends

The Ramones - It’s Alive II

The Replacements - The Complete Inconcerated Live

Lou Reed & John Cale - Songs For Drella

Sweet Relief - A Tribute to Lucinda Williams

Skid Row - Slave to the Grind

Son Volt - Live at the Orange Peel

The Unrighteous Brothers - Unchained Melody 7”

Neil Young - Homegrown

As I’ve said, my record collection is a little bit of everything and my list definitely shows that my tastes run the gamut of genres.  There are still more titles that I’m interested in, but my wallet is already quivering in fear of what I’m picking up on April 19th. It will definitely put a crimp in my plans for a month or so, but it’s worth it when it comes to picking up new music.  

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