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Record Store Day 2021 - Drop 2 - Time To Get Hyped!

Record Store Day 2021 Drop 2 is finally here! This Saturday, July 17, is the second part of RSD 2021 and like every record store day, there are a lot of great things to check out.

Everyone at Curious Collections has been hard at work, checking in orders, sorting records, looking at wishlists and getting bags filled with RSD swag ready to go. When the doors open this Saturday at 9 AM, eager shoppers will be greeted by limited RSD titles from Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, John Prine, Pearl Jam, The Cure, Beastie Boys, Lou Reed, Evanescence, Ramones, Lamb Of God, Miles Davis and Soundtracks from The Matrix, Aliens, Harold & Maude and many more.


There are box sets from War, PARTYNEXTDOOR and John Prine, a cassette from Pearl Jam and tons of cool colored vinyl releases.



Make sure you check the online RSD lists to find your must-haves and then swing by this weekend and check out the amazing titles that are up for grabs. It’s never boring and there’s something for everyone, so shop small, buy local and grab some new records for your ever growing collection.

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