Record Store Day Black Friday 2021: A Classic Metal Bonanza

Record Store Day Black Friday 2021

A Classic Metal Bonanza

By: the_home_for_wayward_records


Record Store Day has been pretty kind to metal over the years, but this year, if classic 80’s metal is your thing, you are very much in luck. There are a number of great artists getting some love this year, including Dio, Ozzy, Poison and Aerosmith. DOn’t sleep on these because the metal stuff sells out pretty fast.

AEROSMITH - 1971: The Road Starts Hear - Recorded on Joe Perry’s boom box in their rehearsal space, this 7 track, 8 song LP features the band 2 years before their debut album, banging away at future hits Mama Kin, Dream On and a few others. Not many times do we get to hear such a classic rock band in this embryonic state. 

10000 Pressed/RSD First

ALICE COOPER - Brutal Planet - The fourteenth solo album from Alice, originally released in 2011, and the first 45 RPM pressing. Coming first to record stores for RSD Black Friday on “color in color” double vinyl. 

1200 Pressed/RSD First

ALL THEM WITCHES - LIVE ON THE INTERNET - Originally broadcast live from their studio during the height of the 2020 lockdown, This 16-song set will be pressed on six variations of color vinyl across three LPs, housed in an individually numbered, foil-stamped wide spine jacket with spot gloss. Color variations include turquoise, black, white, pink, metallic silver, or metallic gold mixed with sea glass. Also includes an 11" x 11" insert.

2800 Pressed/RSD Exclusive

DIO - Holy Diver & The Last In Line - Two of the finest metal albums of the 80’s, or hell, two of the finest metal albums of all time, Holy Diver & The Last In Line get RSD Picture Disc pressings this year. The two Dio Sabbath albums that came out this summer for RSD sold out immediately, so definitely grab these while you can.

7500 Pressed (of each)/RSD Exclusive

EVANESCENCE - Evanescence - The 2011 follow up to The Open Door, Evanescence found the band falling back in love with actually being a band again. Featuring the hit singles "What You Want," "My Heart is Broken" and "Lost in Paradise," Evanescence debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200. Marking the album’s 10th anniversary, this special pressing will be available on purple smoke vinyl.

8000 Pressed/RSD Exclusive

IRON MAIDEN - Iron Maiden - The incredible debut album from Iron Maiden gets a 40th Anniversary Picture Disc pressing for RSDBF. This album is a must have for metal fans.

5000 Pressed/RSD Exclusive

JUDAS PRIEST - Best of Judas Priest - Bumped from the Summer RSD drops due to pressing chaos, this 8 track Best of from the early years also comes with a side of Interviews from 74/75.

2000 Pressed/RSD First

MOTORHEAD - The Lost Tapes Vol.1 (Live In Madrid 1995) - From the archives of Lemmy himself, this 1995 show from the Sacrifice tour gets a packed 2LP release for RSD. Looks to be the first in a series, so make sure to grab a copy before the prices start to skyrocket.

3500 Pressed/RSD Exclusive

  1. BIG - Lean Into It - The second album from Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert and crew, the second LP from Mr. Big gets a colored vinyl 30th Anniversary release for RSDBF.The single, “To Be With You” flew up the charts in 1991 and made this album a hit. Other than a Record Club edition back in 1991, this will be it’s first vinyl pressing since 1991.

5000 Pressed/RSD First

OZZY OSBOURNE - No More Tears - Ozzy’s 1991 smash album, No More Tears, turns 30 on September 17 and gets an RSD Exclusive Picture Disc pressing. With the massive hit “Mama I’m Coming Home”, No More Tears would be one of Ozzy’s biggest albums and would catapult him back to the top of the charts. This is one you don’t want to miss.

9200 Pressed/RSD Exclusive

POISON - Flesh & Blood - The third album from Poison, 1991’s Flesh & Blood spawned two top 10 singles (Unskinny Bop & Something To Believe In), sold 7.2 million copies and helped cement their status as hair metal superstars. This French import RSDBF release comes on colored vinyl, an OBI Strip and the original labels.  This deluxe vinyl packaging for RSD Black Friday includes an OBI strip, a gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve and specialty color vinyl with original record labels. These imports go fast, even by RSD standards, so grab it quick.

4000 Pressed/RSD Exclusive

TESLA - Mechanical Resonance - Another French import on colored vinyl with an OBI Strip included, this is the first pressing of Mechanical Resonance, the 1986 debut album from Tesla since its original release. I LOVE this album and it’s one of my favorite 80’s metal albums. Tesla managed to be a metal band in the 80’s that wasnt a hair band or a thrash metal band.

4000 Pressed/RSD Exclusive

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