RSD Black Friday is Nov 24. Doors open at 9 AM for in-store shopping. Line up early. Limited quantities of all RSD Black Friday releases.

RSD Black Friday: The Best of the Rest !

RSD Black Friday: The Best of the Rest !

In this post for our sneak peak videos of RSD Black Friday vinyl records, we just put together three more videos of some assorted genres, and we hope you enjoy!

Join Mary and Matt for our first video for this Record Store Day release on this coming Black Friday 2021! In this video, Matt and Mary are going to be talking about some of the noteable Classic Rock records that are having exclusive drops for this Friday, and now's the time to get excited!!

Releases from: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Carole King, and Little Feat!

In this video, Mary and Matt showcase some of the more niche releases for the Record Store Day Black Friday this year: some soundtracks and a various artist record called Tickets for Doomsday! There's some really cool stuff here folks, you are in for a treat in this one! Give this a watch!!!

Releases from: Micheal Kamen, The Munsters, and Various Artists !

 For our last little sneak peak into what we have in store for Record Store Day Black Friday, we have some super saucy rap and rnb picks that are quite exciting to say the least! Some really cool cover art and presses in this bunch, and if you're a fan of any of these artists, then you definitely gotta check this out!

Releases from: Maxwell, Thundercat, Chief Keef, Mobb Deep, and RZA as Bobby Digital !!!

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