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While country, folk, and southern genres may dominate the airwaves of Texas, there’s something to be said about local fans leaning farther and harder into both outlaw country and the classics such as previewed below! Hi-ho, Silver, away!


Orville Peck - “Bronco”

outlaw country; alt-country


Stevie Nicks - “Bella Donna Live 1981”

pop rock, soft rock, country rock


Dolly Parton - “The Monument Singles Collection 1964-1968”

country, bluegrass, gospel

See what I mean? Fortunately if those are not within your taste, the list goes on!


Allman Brothers Band - “Syria Mosque - Pittsburgh, PA 1-17-71”

live recording - southern rock, jam band, blues rock, country rock, jazz-rock

Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires - “The Sound Emporium EP”

Americana, singer-songwriter, southern rock, folk

The John Doe Folk Trio - “Six Fables Recorded Live at the Bunker”

live recording - southern rock


Soul Asylum - “MTV Unplugged”

live recording - alternative rock, grunge, country rock

Complete with pictures and album snippets, take a look at our full catalogue here!

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