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RSD '23 Genres: PUNK

Here we are again into the further depths of the Record Store Day list! Punk can be blatantly obvious with heavy guitars and fast drums, or it can be a technicality in its lyrics; it’s always in your face in some way, though! ONWARD!



Ramones - “Pleasant Dreams (The New York Mixes)”

hard rock, pop punk, power pop


The Pogues - “The Stiff Records B-Sides”

folk punk, celtic fusion


The Sisters of Mercy - “The Reptile House”

gothic rock, post-punk, new wave


The Wonder Years - “Burst & Decay: Live From New York”

live recording - pop punk, alternative rock, emo, easycore


Motörhead - “Lost Tapes, Vol. 4 (Live in Heilbronn 1984)”

live performance - heavy metal, punk rock, hard rock

Ah, nothing beats a jam-packed Ramones record, huh? But what about folks punk? Read below to see the other subgenres!

The Adicts - “Fifth Overture”


Agnostic Front - “United Blood (The Extended Sessions)”

hardcore punk

The Donnas - “Early Singles 1995-1999”

hard rock, garage punk, pop punk

Frank Turner - “Tape Deck Heart”

acoustic rock, folk punk

Joe Strummer & the Mesaleros - “Streetcore (20th Anniversary)”

post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, reggae

Romeo Void - “Live From The Mabuhay Gardens November 14, 1980”

live recording - post punk, new wave

The Verlaines - “Bird Dog”


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