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RSD '23 Genres: FOLK

If you’ve missed our previous two blogs, GREETINGS! Welcome to our Record Store Day-special blog series where we (me, myself, and I) take the time to tear apart the beloved RSD list to re-sort of our in-store titles into more comprehensive lists by genre. This blog? Folk!


Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires - “The Sound Emporium EP”

Americana, singer-songwriter, southern rock, folk


Carole King - The Legendary Demos [RSD 2023]

Carole King - “The Legendary Demos”

soft rock, soul, Brill Building, folk


Warren Zevon - “The Wind”

folk rock, blues rock

As I mentioned in our pop and indie + alternative blogs, there is, of course, overlap between artists and this little list of folk musicians also includes creatives like Taylor Swift and Norah Jones. Look at ‘em below!

Taylor Swift - “folklore: the long pond studio sessions”

indie folk, alternative rock, electro-folk, chamber pop

Maya Hawke - “To Love a Boy”/”Stay Open”

indie folk rock

Frank Turner - “Tape Deck Heart”

acoustic rock, folk punk

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