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RSD '23 Genres: REGGAE

As a psychedelic music lover, myself, I appreciate the overlap reggae has over general rock and the psych scene. Rich with its own musical history, even including its occasional blend into both punk and flower power narratives, reggae is here to brighten your day!


Madness - “I Do Like to Be B-Side The A-Side, Vol. 3”

two-tone (ska, reggae, punk, new wave), rocksteady, pop


Sly & Robbie vs Roots Radics - “The Dub Battle”

reggae, ska


The Specials - “Work in Progress”

two-tone (ska, reggae, punk, new wave)

Throwback to my fourth grade geography teacher who would play Bob Marley and early Beatles on-loop every single day. She was a punk, and I mean that with all my love and genuine respect.

Joe Strummer & the Mesaleros - “Streetcore (20th Anniversary)”

post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, reggae

Peter Tosh - “Live and Dangerous: Boston 1976”

live recording - reggae, ska, rocksteady

Various Artists - Soul Jazz Presents: “200% DYNAMITE! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk & Dub in Jamaica”

compilation of various artists

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