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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! I’ll tell you, good reader, I have an incredible bias for this/these genre(s), so this particular blog will be close to my heart. Keep in mind that these blogs are in order of demand, so while my favourites may not be in the reviews, surely you or your friends’ are! Continue the journey in our sorting of the RSD titles by genre as we dive into the wild world of avant garde!



Larry Lovestein & the Velvet Revival - “You”

free-wave jazz, noise, experimental, art rock


Björk - “the fossora remixes”

remix album: electronica, house - experimental avant garde, escape room


Wilco - “Crosseyed Strangers: An Alternate Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”

art rock, experimental acoustic

Our Lady Peace - “Collected: 1994 - 2022”

alternative rock, post-grunge, art rock


The Mars Volta - “Frances the Mute”

progressive rock

Beloved weirdos, these artists; strange is a term of endearment here. Progressive rock and experimental art projects are best for when you need a refreshing reset from your standard backbeat music. Spot some of our favourites down below!

Albert Ayler - “Europe 1966”

live recording - avant garde jazz

David J - “Urban Urbane”

art, acoustic, avant garde

Dirty Projectors + Björk - “Mount Wittenberg Orca (Expanded Edition)”


Emerson, Lake & Palmer - “Brain Salad Surgery”

progressive rock, avant garde

FOALS - “Life is Dub”

art rock, dance punk, math rock, alternative dance

Horse the Band - “The Mechanical Hand”

chiptune, metalcore

P.M. Dawn - “The Bliss Album…? (Vibration of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence)

r&b, art pop, new jack swing (hip hop, dance)

Prefab Sprout: “Steve McQueen”

art rock, sophisti-pop (jazz pop)

The Residents: “Our Finest Flowers”

art pop, avant garde

Tangerine Dream: “Live in Paris, Palais Des Congres”

live recording - kosmische (electronic psychedelic avant-garde), krautrock, ambient

Tom Tom Club - “Tom Tom Club (Expanded Edition)”

new wave, funk, R&B, avant garde

UFO -  “Will the Last Man Standing (Turn Out the Light)”

heavy metal, progressive rock, space rock

Yes - “Live at Knoxville Civic Auditorium”

live performance - progressive rock

Complete with pictures and album snippets, take a look at our full catalogue here!

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