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Tied with general rock as our most-asked-for albums for this year’s Record Store Day is… Another subgenre of rock. This stone keeps rolling on, and I’m here to break down our RSD in-store list by each titles’ musical categories! 


Van Halen - ”LIVE: Right Here, Right Now”

live recording - hard rock, arena rock, glam metal


Pearl Jam - “Give Way”

live recording - garage rock, post-grunge, hard rock


Eric Carr of KISS - “Rockology”

hard rock, heavy metal


Mötley Crüe - “Helter Skelter”

hard rock, glam metal


The Sword - “Gods of the Earth”

stoner rock, doom metal, alternative heavy metal

If you’re keeping up with and scrolling through all of these blogs on the many genres of Record Store Day, you may spot some overlap between general rock, punk, and hard rock +metal. It’s all one big family!

The Baker Gurtvitz Army - “The Baker Gurtvitz Army”

hard rock, afrobeat

Death - “Fate:  The Best of Death”

melodic death metal, progressive death metal

Dio - “Live in Fresno 1983”

heavy metal, hard rock

The Donnas - “Early Singles 1995-1999”

hard rock, garage punk, pop punk

Dope - “Group Therapy”

industrial, nu metal

Horse the Band - “The Mechanical Hand”

chiptune, metalcore

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - “Up Your Alley”

hard rock, glam metal

Keith Richards - “Vintage Vinos”

hard rock, blues, r&b

Mr. Big - “Mr. Big”

glam metal, hard rock

Motörhead - “Lost Tapes, Vol. 4 (Live in Heilbronn 1984)”

live performance - heavy metal, punk rock, hard rock

Ramones - “Pleasant Dreams (The New York Mixes)”

hard rock, pop punk, power pop

Ted Nugent - “Nuge Vault VOL 1”

hard rock


Rex - “Rockin’ & Rollin’”

glam rock, hard rock

Twiztid - “Electric Lettuce”

horrorcore, hip hop, hard rock

UFO - “Will the Last Man Standing (Turn Out the Light)”

heavy metal, progressive rock, space rock

Queensrÿche - “Operation Mindcrime II”

progressive metal

Complete with pictures and album snippets, take a look at our full catalogue here!

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