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RSD '23 Genres: JAZZ

Jazz can be a hard genre to pin down in terms of interest. You either get it or you don’t. Generally free-form and always expressional, jazz is like singing a song within a song. From well-known names to artists that are keeping the genre alive, we’re sorting the Record Store Day list into tangible comprehension!



Laufey - “Valentine”

bedroom pop, lo-fi, jazz


Miles Davis - “TURNAROUND: Unreleased Rare Vinyl from On The Corner”



Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - “Live at Jazz Workshop 1970”

live recording - jazz

Albert Ayler - “Europe 1966”

live recording - avant garde jazz

Charlie Parker - “Afro Cuban Bop: The Long Lost Bird Live Recordings”

bebop, jazz

Chet Baker - “Chet”


Jazz Artists Guild - “Newport Rebels”


Norah Jones - “Little Broken Hearts: Live at Allaire Studios”

live performance - singer-songwriter, jazz, folk, pop

Max Roach & Archie Shepp - “Force - Sweet Mao - Suid Afrika 76”


Sonny Stitt - “Boppin’ in Baltimore”


Complete with pictures and album snippets, take a look at our full catalogue here!

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